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Cartographer 2019 v5.0.1

Intuitive user interface for quick data mapping, conversion auditing, data flow tracking. Conditional logic expressions including mathematical and field assignments.

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Cascadia Programming stands in front of more than 20 years experience in a variety of programming languages and protocols. We listen to your business needs and help you translate those needs into solutions to meet your business goals.

Data Conversion
Custom data conversion from one format to another.  This includes both inbound and outbound files.  Cleanse your data prior to loading it into your system or sending to a client.
Process Automation
Our automation software can run real time or scheduled processes.  Trigger external processes during execution during scheduled jobs for success and error notification.  Let the computer do the lifting, freeing your staff for more value added activities.
Extract Translate Load (ETL)
A complete Extract Translate Load (ETL) system can be setup tailored to your companies needs using our various tools to create an entire system for you and your clients/vendors to communicate data back and forth.
Specialized Integration
We offer custom programming to facilitate the integration of many different types of systems, formats and protocols.  Depending on the task or the technology you implement we will use the right tools for the job.

We specialize in providing programming services for companies that do not need or desire a full time programming staff. Grow your business and address your customer, client and vendor requirements without adding staff.  Contact us today and let's get started.